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The First Intro of Many and the Dawn of the Entrepreneur Feature: Lana LeFevre

With great hustle comes great responsibility.

2015 started as a catalyst for change in my life. I needed something new, I needed a fresh start, and most importantly, I needed an excuse to change myself. I came into 2015 needing to be a newer version of myself, the person I envisioned becoming for the last couple of months 2014 had left - I wanted to be a hustler. To do this, I started by doing what I do best: reading. Eventually I came across a book by Elizabeth Warren that told the tale of her rise to becoming a lawyer, teacher, and eventually Senator from her humble beginnings as a stay-at-home mom from Oklahoma. This book and her story inspired me so much that I couldn't contain my feelings and immediate sparked ideas about it, which caused me to write a blog sharing my upcoming plans to feature female entrepreneurs and hustlers in my life who have talent, ideas, art, and so much more to share with the world. Cue my infamous cocktail of personality traits, including but not limited to procrastination and serious self-doubt, and suddenly, here we are. 

Now I'm pleased to say that I'm ready, and I hope you are, too. Without further ado, the first ever entrepreneur featurette on my blog, featuring the incredible and talented: Lana LeFevre.


"I love a good fantastical story, but the stories that really cut me deep and stick with me forever are the ones that connected with my realities. [...] I dream in reality."

Upon first glance of Lana's portfolio, you'd be under the impression that she can do anything, and Lana is proof that first impressions really are everything. Writer and subsequent blogger, graphic designer, and a powerful, positive online presence make it seem as though she's gotten everything all figured out. However, religious readers (like yours truly) of her blog, The Truth About Blondes, find that her writing reveals one thing: she is human. Recounting tales of seemingly inescapable grief, coping, and the aggressive cycle of doing it over and over again, she's now gone on to start a completely new blog with the same "silver lining despite it all" theme you see and feel from so much of her writing. The Joy Blog is dedicated to the many faces, stories, and infinite experiences that come with finding your own joy and inner peace, and who better to start the Joy Movement than Lana? 

She talks to us a little more about her work, her upcoming projects, and the inspiration of daydreaming about reality:

Tell me more about you and the projects you're focusing on right now.

"Right now I'm focusing a lot on repairing myself after the worst couple of years of my life. My blog reflects that a lot, a lot of the posts are about grief, getting through it, etc. I'm starting to write more about how others can get through grief, since I'm finally feeling human again! It's been such a long time since I felt fairly normal, and I'm not quite there yet, but because of what I've learned in dealing with loss, I want to help other people get a handle on it. I think a lot of us grieve in silence, and I believe loss and grief is such a huge part of life that it shouldn't be hidden if we need to speak. My blog also has a bunch of other random posts on it, it wasn't and isn't just a grief blog. It's a blog about me and my life and what makes up who I am."

As an avid admirer of writers and their processes, I am fascinated with their (more often than not) colorful "coming of age" tales of when they came into their own and find their talent in writing. Do you remember when you realized you wanted to write? What happened?

"I was a teenager. I grabbed a notebook and wrote a stupid lusty teenage romance novelette. And then I hid it under my bed for years, until I discovered it in my "box of stuff" in my parent's storage room long after I'd been gone away to college. I was so mortified my mom would read it so I tossed it in the garbage. However.... I write all the time now, blogging, book starts, etc. I'm working on 3 different books right now. A kid's book about overcoming your weaknesses to be a warrior, and two books that I prefer not to disclose yet. I love writing. It's my therapy. I let the world sway me from my original goal and changed my major to so many things that didn't involve me writing stories. Now that I'm long done with college, I realized what my heart loved to do all along."

Oftentimes I feel as though it's a lot easier to be critical of your own work than it is to appreciate what makes it special. I'm curious, what do you like most about your own work?

"It's mine. All of it. The artwork, the writings, etc.  It came from my mind, and it came from my life. I'm proud of me and what I've made. I don't know if I'll ever become famous for it but I've been through a lot and am proud of what's come out of it. I hang my art all over my house and love to see it. If you don't love your work first, then you're doing it wrong."

I love asking writers I know seemingly impossible questions to even consider. So, what is your favorite book?

"This is like those questions that people ask 'If you could eat one food for the rest of your life...' It's so impossible to answer, but there are a few that have really changed me. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn gave me wanderlust as a teenager, The Glass Castle gave me insight into someone very close to me that I've never understood and suddenly everything made sense. The Diary of Anne Frank showed me that we're all dreamers, and there's something to having hope even in the worst moments of darkness."

Your blog, The Truth About Blondes, and even the idea for your upcoming blog, The Joy Blog, are in and of themselves nothing short of inspirational. Where do you gain inspiration? Are there any authors right now that inspire you?

"For me inspiration comes from life and what happens to all of us. I love a good fantastical story, but the stories that really cut me deep and stick with me forever are the ones that connected with my realities. I'm very much a pragmatic dreamer. It sounds like an oxymoron, but I've always been this way. I dream in reality. My dreams are rarely ever sci-fi. The simple things in life are what keep me grounded, so the realities of life are what inspire me to live better.

All published authors inspire me. The fact that they can complete a book and publish it and put their very souls on the line for other people to read just shows me that I can do it too. Someday... I hope. For now, I'll just keep plugging away and see what happens."

The Joy Blog is something I personally am so interested in seeing progress in many ways, including adding a bit of happiness to my news feed and a reality check for those of us who too often feel like the world has been drained of any happiness. What can we expect from the blog? Where did the idea come from?

"It will mostly just be anything related to joy, stories of choosing joy in hardship, motivational quotes, videos, funny things, etc. I studied psychology and was fascinated by the idea of positive psychology. After dealing with PTSD symptoms from grief and complicated situations from depression I realize the only way out is to choose joy and get back to life. So I'm doing a social experiment on myself. If I focus on  joy and let it surround me, perhaps I can see if my depression and grief symptoms disappear. And maybe I can help others change their lives as well. I hope that people will stumble on to my blog and feel better after looking around. It's in the newborn stages right now because it's the beginning of my journey."


You can keep up with Lana at these pages:
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Let's hear it, guys: who's your favorite entrepreneur right now? What questions would you ask them if you got the chance?


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  1. Lana - I'm always interested in favorite quotes/books, and one thing you're working on but struggling with.
    Conner - My favorite entrepreneur right now is Gary Vaynerchuk he's killing it and motivating me.